Clearing Your Energy Body

As you move through The EASE Program you will find that positive shifts occur in your life purely from the free-flow energy provided by the program. The EASE energies will begin to open a conscious doorway in your heart and mind for you to have self realisation about what creates a lack of ease in your life. You will then be supported to lift energy blockages from within you as you gently make new choices in life that create more ease.

Throughout life we develop beliefs and expectations as a result of life experiences and often our preference is to avoid re-experiencing the situations or feelings we do not enjoy. These experiences often lead to unresolved energies being suppressed in our energy body. This suppression can then prevent us from exchanging energy fully with other people and with universal energies, preventing us from seeing the Divinity in all things, and feeling one with the flow of life.

As we continue to resist parts of life we do not like, our feelings are unable to be released because they have been blocked rather than accepted and freed. Unresolved conditions from our past can recur and repeat in our life until they are freed and released. These unreleased aspects can also cause repeated patterns in our relationships in life.

Our cells have a consciousness and carry more memory and awareness than our minds can perceive. As this memory is cleared through EASE, you will experience a greater connection to your wholeness, freeing you to create a reality that is your potential.

The role of mental understanding:

Understanding the cause of our suppressed or blocked energy is not required for it to be accepted and cleared. The urge to understand is common in our modern society because so many people live with a strong emphasis on the mind and mental energy. This causes many people to not be connected to their feelings and inner energies.

Throughout the EASE program you will become aware of feelings without needing to understand the origin or history of the emotion, although these may also become apparent. Insights and past memories may come into your conscious awareness through clearing your energy body however we do not need to analyse these to clear and heal them.

This allows us to surrender, to experience, to be in the moment and to receive the deepest healing from the EASE energies in each module.