The EASE Energies

The five universal Essential Energies received during EASE through our connection to the Unified Field, are Prana, Christ Light, Plasma, Voidal and Source Frequency. Each of these 5 energies that form our universe, are essential for our energy body’s flow of divine consciousness and access to Source – our source of unlimited energy.

They each have a specific function in the universe, and can be received for our healing and transformation as we are moved and accelerated on our path to experience our wholeness.

The EASE energies are:

Prana - Energy which balances and harmonises

Christ Light - Energy which activates and energises

Plasma or Cosmic Fire - Energy which interconnects and fills to overflow

Voidal Frequency - Energy which unifies all energy and consciousness and

Source Frequency - Energy which enlightens all energy and consciousness

In each EASE module, you will explore and experience these 5 forms of energy and will learn how to access them for each level of your energy body. As each level of our energy body relates to a major aspect of our lives, working with these 5 essential energies will create EASE in our lives.

The EASE program teaches us how to work with each of these energies to raise the vibration of every aspect of our energy system and life.