Encodement Journeys

The encodement journeys are audio visual ‘code sessions’ which have been created by Qala Sri’ama while in communion with the Enlightened Masters. Each code is a divine image that opens a doorway of new energy and consciousness within your being. Some codes are very beautiful pieces of art, some are very simple drawings almost child-like and others are highly complex woven geometries.

Each of the EASE modules contains one session where you receive these codes. Each code session contains a specific series of images which are received through a journey of sacred sound or mantra which helps the energy of each code to integrate deeply through your physical body.

The code journeys assist with:

  • bringing the new frequencies you receive to your cells and organs
  • lifting the genetic inheritances in any of your chakras
  • opening and clearing your central nervous system, glands, organs and spinal cord
  • opening the different levels of the energy body and your heart