Guided Healings

Guided Healings (or psychic surgery) are a profound form of deep healing offered by the Enlightened Healers who support this program. This form of healing clears all fields of the energy body that feed energy and consciousness to the physical. Participants lie down to receive these deep healing sessions. A divine chamber anchors around the body and energetic pillars stabilise the chakras, your energy centres and your physical body while you receive the healing.

The healing sessions are offered each day of every module and are performed by a large group of spiritually Enlightened Healers. The healing can only be done with your inner permission and the Enlightened Healers can work on specific issues in your life if you request it.

Every healing session lifts emotional and mental stress from all who are present and offers regeneration to each person’s energy centre and energy field. Any blocks or impediments to your connection with that part of your energy body are treated or removed and your energy field is re-connected to that aspect of your energy body that was not functioning at its highest potential. All that is required of you to receive the deep healing for these sessions is to lay and be as open and receptive as you can just by relaxing.

These are powerful healings that take between 2 to 4 weeks to fully integrate and can have life changing effects upon those who receive them.