High Frequency Meditations & Attunements

Each module of The EASE Program contains ‘high frequency’ meditations or attunements, which are transmissions of energy from Enlightened Healers to you through Qala Sri’ama.

Each meditation involves a powerful current of energy moving through your energy body and Consciousness. It can be difficult for some people to remain consciously aware throughout. Many participants simply lie down and receive these transformational experiences.

Every meditation session contains a new technique that you can do outside of The EASE Program to support you, for the rest of your life.

Each transmission will open, clear and connect you to one or more of the five essential energies that create an opening of your chakras. It does not matter if you have not meditated before. The attunements themselves will help you connect to the meditations, to aspects of yourself and to energies to receive the clearing and healing that is in the highest order for you.