How do I receive EASE?

You can either join an EASE group or you can form a group yourself and receive EASE for FREE, in exchange for your facilitation. EASE is currently only able to be received in groups and is not yet available to individuals.

To see a list of EASE Groups running all over the world, please click here. If there is an EASE facilitator in your area and you wish to be a participant, please contact that facilitator to join their EASE group. The facilitator will assist you with the steps to joining their group.

Even when there is a facilitator already in your area, you can still form your own EASE group by finding 4 other people to receive the program with you. Alchimie de Lumière provides full support, advice and assistance for you to form a group and to find out more about becoming a facilitator click here.

If there is not yet a group running near you and you do not want to facilitate The EASE Program yourself, you can email to let us know that you wish to join a group. If you send us your name, country, state, city, postcode, phone numbers, email address and maximum distance you wish to travel once a month, we will place you on a list of interested participants. You will then be informed when a group is starting in your area so that you may contact the facilitator.

The mini program, A Taste of EASE has been designed to assist you in forming this group by holding FREE A Taste of EASE healings days.