Welcome to The EASE Program, an extraordinary journey of personal growth that expands your consciousness and raises your energy body to a higher vibration through the power of the open heart.

Each EASE weekend module allows you to gently transform aspects of your life, bringing EASE and grace to your relationships with others and yourself, your family, your emotional patterns, your mind, your energy levels and your life path.

EASE was created by Qala Sriā€™ama and a team of Enlightened Healers to assist humanity to open our hearts and heal parts of us that are not yet whole.

New teachings about energy science and consciousness, profound meditations, deep healing sessions and audio visual experiences gently facilitate deep and permanent changes in all areas of your life, which you may have not been able to shift previously.

We invite you now to simply open your heart as you read about EASE and open yourself to the possibility of profound healing that is available to you through The EASE program.

We bless you on your path and hope that your life path is filled with love, grace and EASE.