Module Descriptions


EASE 1 - EASE for your Soul (Soul Body)

This module focuses deeply on the keys to accepting yourself, loving yourself and healing issues that create you to close your heart to the true inner beauty of your soul. So many of our difficulties can heal simply through our inner self being supported to have a positive view about ourselves and often we need assistance with this. This EASE module is filled with profound love and support for the acceptance of your true self. It will touch your heart deeply, igniting the happiness within you. This takes place through your soul being supported to open your heart to make contact with your heart’s yearnings in life and being supported to trust your heart. The presence of such grace lifts old energies from you that may be hidden deeply, which have created your view of yourself and experience of self to be less than your highest potential. To be blessed as a soul is truly a divine experience.

EASE 2 - EASE for your Family and Personality (Genetic Body)

This module focuses on supporting you to receive a clearing of your relationships with your family, freeing your personality from inherited patterns of behaviour. You will enter a supportive loving space where you and your ancestors and all family members receive a profound healing that frees the oldest limitations, fears and unresolved issues that may lie within the heart of your family, that which has bound your love from being truly shared. Profound healing and assistance is offered to you for the cleansing of your genetic line where fears or issues you may have inherited, and physical illnesses that you may hold that have a genetic link, are supported to dissolve through the divine work of ease. This sacred work of freeing your genetic line through the assistance of the Divine Beings alters invisible ties, cords, attachments and fears that disconnect the heart between members of the family. As your genetic line clears, your personality is freed to express the true you rather than the patterns of consciousness that you may have inherited from your father, mother or ancestors.

EASE 3 - EASE for your Physical Body (Physical Body)

The focus of this module is your physical body’s regeneration and the lifting of physical blockages that may create deep difficulty or ill health. Your physical body is honoured, and every cell receives infusions of the essential energies for healing and rejuvenation to take place on a cellular level. This module of EASE assists you to develop a new relationship with your physical body that supports your soul, mind and spirit to integrate and create greater health and well being. The Guided Healings replenish your organs and bring rejuvenation to them. The weakest anatomical system of your body is opened to receive great healing so that ease may be experienced physically and disease may begin to resolve and heal on a cellular level.

EASE 4 - EASE for your Plans and Intentions (Etheric Body)

This module focuses on increasing your levels of life force energy, and the healing of addictive patterns, desires, unhealthy patterns or contracts that do not support the flow of your life plan. Powerful healings and divine teachings are offered for the alignment of your plans and intentions with your heart and your soul’s essence. Instruction is given on how to send your intentions clearly via your heart and mind out into the world, to begin the manifestation of your heart dreams. You are simply shown how to increase and raise your levels of energy with the EASE energies so your plans and intentions can flow forward and manifest your heart dreams easily, and so you are no longer affected by the negative thoughts and feelings of others in your life.

EASE 5 - EASE for your Emotions (Emotional Body)

This module creates a deeper level of empowerment and a heightening of your quality of life through the clearing of your deepest emotional blockage in life. You are supported to receive ease for the opening and clearing of your emotional body, and clearing of the emotional patterns that often lead us to control our emotions. Often we don’t feel empowered to lovingly accept our feelings in life and it is difficult to let them go with ease. Divine teachings and healings are offered focusing on the use of our power to honour our emotions, so they may transform through our acceptance and love rather than being suppressed and buried internally and thus creating health issues in our lives. The re-ignition of our power centre is focused upon so a new level of love can be felt and experienced.

EASE 6 - EASE for your Mind (Mental Body)

This module focuses deeply on supporting your mind to find peace, relaxation, balance and clarity by opening the energy connection of your mind to your heart, and supporting the mind to release its limitations. Divine teachings and healings are offered in relationship to clearing the subconscious, unconscious and conscious levels of your mind, and supporting the opening of your super conscious mind, which brings wisdom and divine clarity to you for clear decision making. Old perceptions are lifted as you receive loving assistance and healing. You experience how sacred sound changes and balances your brain chemistry and mind’s state of consciousness. This supports the mind to open and release fixed or rigid constructs that do not serve you to live in peace and clarity. Understandings are given of how your mind and brain chemistry can be supported to free your mind of fogginess and confusion, or busy thought forms. You mind is supported to become peaceful and clear thus giving you access to your natural intelligence.

EASE 7 - EASE for your Spirit (Spiritual Body)

This module focuses deeply on assisting the passion of your spirit to return into your life experience. It is recommended for all who wish to be passionate about their lives and what they are focused on in life, whether it is caring for one’s family, a career, one’s self development, a personal relationship or another deep life focus. Deep anger and depression can arise on the spiritual path when our spirit is ungrounded. This can cause us to want to give up our spiritual path and our faith in ourselves and others, making us close or partially close our hearts to what could inspire us. This module is for the grounding of our spirit energy and our spiritual purpose in life. When we follow our spiritual impulses and guidance, we can celebrate life and experience clarity and inspiration flowing through us. This module births the freeing of your inner fire, passion, or spirit, and awakens you to your spiritual path more deeply and clearly.


EASE 8 - EASE for your Relationships (Archangelic Body)

This 2 day module of The EASE Program focuses deeply on opening your relationships to move to a higher level in life. If you have a heart wish to advance, improve or heal your relationships and interconnections with others, including your intimate partnership, or you wish to develop a relationship with another intimately, this EASE module has been created for you. The teachings and meditations will assist you to resolve your inner masculine and feminine energies and this will solve many communication or relationship problems that you may be having with others who you dream of relating to differently. Clearing the energetic cause of issues held in your energy body is important if you wish to truly relate from your heart to others in all circumstances in life. It is also essential if you wish to have a direct relationship with all other beings’ hearts rather than their minds. To learn to relate through the heart firstly, to hear, see and know through the heart is easy when your masculine and feminine energy is clear and able to ground through your spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. You will receive EASE with the Enlightened Healers and Masters who have mastered relationship, and receive universal support, free energy and access to master teachings that will help you practically, to create divine relationship as a heart opening experience in your life.

EASE 9 - EASE for your Gifts and Creativity (Celestial Body)

This 2 day module of The EASE Program focuses deeply on the opening of our creative energy and the use of our natural gifts in life so we may be more joy filled in our life experiences. Joy naturally builds when we are able to use our gifts for creative endeavours. This can be the very energy needed to awaken and celebrate our joy in who we are and our fulfilment in life. To honour our gifts and create with them, creates joy, and allows more of our inspiration to guide us creatively. If this resonates and you wish to easily open the gifts that you may have shut down in this or other lives, remove blockages, or discover a clear direction or use of your gifts, EASE will be brought to you in relation to this. The energy body that holds the gifts and creativity of your soul and spirit will be cleansed of energy creating blockages to the natural flow of your soul gifts. The EASE surgeons and physicians will be dissolving ancient blockages held in your energy body so your creativity and gifts will open and expand, allowing you to direct their use into your life easily. All will receive the teachings and EASE meditations so you may walk forward in life using your gifts for the highest benefit of yourself and all others in your life.

EASE 10 - EASE for your Higher Guidance and Clarity (Christ Angelic Body)

This 2 day module of The EASE Program focuses deeply on opening your receptivity to clear guidance in your life and establishing a loving connection to your guides, higher self and divine presence. Many Ascended Masters, Enlightened Surgeons and Physicians assist us with opening our higher guidance and clearing it so we may each receive what is the highest for us directly from our God Presence, and the Family of Light which serves us to advance our consciousness, life quality and path in life. You will receive a clearing and opening to the area within your energy body that co-ordinates clarity, clear guidance, and the higher overview regarding your life. When this level of your energy body is not aligned to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, you are unable to receive guidance easily. When this level is not clear of unresolved energies, you are unable to receive the grounded clear guidance that gives you practical answers and solutions to your life challenges. You will receive two amazing healings from the EASE surgeons and physicians to support the clearing of obstacles and blockages to developing clarity and higher guidance, and will learn how to open to your guidance by connecting inwardly with ease. You will receive the master teachings and dispensations that the Ascended Masters discovered on their path of opening to clear higher guidance.

EASE 11 - EASE for the Manifestation of Your Heart’s Dreams (Christ Archangelic Body)

This 2 day module of The EASE Program focuses deeply on supporting the manifestation of our heart dreaming through life mastery. How do our emotions, thoughts and actions affect our manifestation and what are the easiest ways to direct our focus towards bringing our heart dreams into fruition? Is it possible that we are often in the way of our heart dreams coming into fulfillment? Is it possible that the universe truly does want to support us to experience our heart’s yearnings, and that we send messages to the universe through our emotions, thoughts and actions, suggesting we are not ready for the manifestation of our heart dreams? This EASE module offers you not only energetic healings for your energy body so you can get out of the way and allow manifestation to take place through your heart. It also offers you the master teachings and EASE meditations to support your consciousness to accept that this can take place just by you stepping out of the way and allowing the Universe and your Divine Presence to meet you half way. All will receive the unlocking of the level of the energy body that coordinates your mastery and manifestation, and clearing through the currents of the five essential energies to open the power of manifestation to deepen and strengthen in your life.

EASE 12 - EASE for your Mastery of Consciousness & Awareness (Christ Master Body)

This 2 day module of The EASE Program focuses on opening you to a deeper connection to the oneness of all life, and deeper experiences in your meditations and Holy Communion with your God Presence, God Within. This module supports us to embrace the mastery of our God consciousness that lies deep within us, our Divine Presence. It supports us to raise our higher awareness through every aspect of our lives, supporting us to grow and enlighten our hearts, minds, spirits and bodies so we may experience a greater oneness with all of life. This “oneness” is an electromagnetic field of energy, which, when the highest level of our energy body is opened to our Source and aligned to our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, we experience as a stream of God consciousness or higher awareness, as self realisation. When we are open to our mastery and God consciousness, self realisation comes easily to us from this level of our energy body. Oneness and the gifts of higher awareness, divine knowing and self realisation are experienced through our energy field becoming resonant with the unified field of our universe. This divine connection with our God Presence expands, magnifies, concentrates, activates and illuminates all aspects of our life. This EASE module focuses on supporting you to receive EASE with your journey of inner communion with All That Is, God Goddess, your God Presence, and the awakening of your inner power of divine awareness and self realisation by offering two psychic surgeries to lift the deepest blockages to the flow of your God consciousness.

Advanced EASE Modules 13-18 – an “Energy Body Mechanics” Series

Each module in this series, ‘Energy Body Mechanics’ focuses on opening aspects of the energy body to God Source to receive the five essential energies and brings ease to our lives through the divine assistance of the enlightened surgeons.

EASE 13 - EASE for Your Evolution

The focus of this module is on the development of your energy within your electromagnetic field and the opening the pathways of the five essential energies through your field. This assists your brain chemistry and energy body to be open as you meet your initiations so you can walk your path of evolution with ease.

EASE 14 - EASE for your Cells

This module focuses on the interconnectivity of the pathways between the cells of your physical body and your 12 energy bodies via opening the circuitries of the energy body that feed your anatomical systems. Every cell’s connection to your auric field then opens to receive universal energy so transformation of consciousness may take place with ease.

EASE 15 - EASE for your Soul, Mind, Body, Spirit

This module focuses on the deepening of your connection to your Divine Presence through the antakarana and the activation of the spheres of the soul, mind, body and spirit. This assists your body, soul, mind and spirit’s divine connection, stability, harmony and unity in this life.

EASE 16 - EASE for your Group Consciousness

This module focuses on your journey in group consciousness and taking your next big step in life through the clearing of your Monadic Body so your Divine Presence may flow more deeply and profoundly through your encounters in group. This assists you to be an empowered loving member and/or facilitator of a group or a focaliser of a group’s intention on a family, community, national or global level in your life.

EASE 17 - EASE for All Aspects of Life

This module focuses on the potent regeneration and rejuvenation of your life force and the grounding of your soul and spirit through focus on the activation of the Pranic, Christ Light, Plasma, Voidal and Source flowforms of your energy body to create optimum health, growth, expansion of consciousness and the deepening of your love and enlivening of the inner ecstasy of your being.

EASE 18 - EASE for Your Service

This module focuses on ease for your loving and giving self and your service to all beings through focus on grounding your divine presence and opening your channel of energy with the unified field and the five essential energies so you may enjoy our service and experience a deepening of your love and the true beauty of your roles in service.