Qala Sri'ama

Qala met the Enlightened Masters 10 years ago through a process of "Divine Intervention". This process of Divine Intervention led Qala to become a self-realised being on Earth and carry a very high vibration of love and wisdom to share with the hundreds of people she meets, assists, supports and awakens in life.

In her presence, there is a kindness and respect for all beings and she sees the divinity, the "divine presence", in all. The kindness of her own heart guides her to continue to help humanity to meet its own divinity. When receiving this program, you will truly feel loved through the clear words of wisdom, tools and practices that enable you to take your next step in life.

Qala is a pure vessel and channel for the Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Masters who offer the greatest forms of assistance, divine blessings and miracles possible and she is living proof that transformation and change can be easy when love is shared.

Over the last ten years she has received daily contact with the Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Masters, and has supported many healers and teachers all over the world to open to a new way of thinking, experience new perceptions , and a new way of being heart based in everyday life. Qala has spent the last ten years as a world teacher and has held events in service to the Earth and humanity in India, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Hawaii, California, Colorado, New York, Canada, France, England, Australia, New Zealand and Egypt.

She has guided many to heal their relationships, family issues, their own negative views about themselves and conditions they have held within their heart which limit their quality of life.