I was told about the EASE program from a friend who was a lot more adventurous than me with spiritual courses. Wow, am I grateful she is! The EASE program has completely changed my life. I feel like my level of consciousness has undergone a quantum leap. I live so much more of the time feeling connected to my heart. Things that used to cause me worries, upset, stress simply don't exist any more. The amazing part of this journey is the process. It is the easiest, most gentle series of meditations and exercises. There is no struggle required.... just sit back and receive the blessings that you deserve! I am now in a flow of joy, clarity on my path, united in a blissfully happy relationship and in the flow of abundance! I now spread more love at work, in my family and everywhere I go. There really is nothing more important. I am profoundly grateful to Qala and the Masters.
Nicola, Sydney, Australia

I have just been to the most amazing weekend of teachings by Qala Sri’ama. A validating, respectful and mind-blowing new experience! All teachings are placed in a context of LOVE and this is demonstrated consistently through the delivery of the work. I feel lightened, grounded and more here than ever before after this EASE weekend!
Elushia, Byron Bay, Australia

I bask in divine love with Qala at the EASE workshop weekends, knowing that I am fully loved and supported during the processes of release. I fully recommend this program to all who walk their spiritual path.
Judy, Australia

The EASE program has given me a strengthened sense of self and certainty on my path, something I have never experienced before. In my opinion, not only is this program necessary for all, but is essential for all in raising your vibration quickly, but with ease and grace, to access your much needed talents for your life of service.
Korina, Sydney

From my Big Heart to your HUGE Heart-thank you, thank you, thank you. The channellings you brought through were amazing for me-I felt my heart sing like it never has before in this lifetime. I feel so ready to become who I was meant to be this lifetime-I am so blessed for this opportunity.
Jan, Sydney

I have attended all the EASE weekends so far and after each one I feel more and more connected to my inner essence. I love the EASE weekends. They are very easy and enjoyable. I particularly enjoy Qala’s ability to communicate some heavy duty concepts and esoterics into practical tangible bits of truths. I really look forward to psychic surgery and the last experience was just amazing. At the end of EASE weekends, I always feel somehow different and am grateful for Qala’s fun loving and down to earth approach in bringing the spiritual awareness into the physical reality.
With love, Vikki

Each weekend never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Mere words are insufficient to describe these experiences, the love, meditations, psychic surgery and healing each weekend offers. I urge anyone wishing to move through the energy blocks of their humanness with ease and grace, to honour their divinity and become all that you were meant to be, by enrolling in this life changing program.
Jules, Energy Therapist, New South Wales, Australia

Doing the first seven levels of the EASE program via the audio recordings and DVD presentations, has been a journey of opening to my soul and spirit that has assisted me to birth my inner wisdom and knowing in a deep and consciously meaningful way so that even my mind can embrace the divine truth of all that I am. Now that’s truly exciting.
Blessings and thank you a million times for such a beautiful gift.
Ishtar, Noosa, Australia

A remarkable journey of grace. World teacher Qala Sri’ama Phoenix is a very special individual. If you have difficulty in any level of life, I urge you to hear the call of the heart, for once you sit in circle with the beauty of the program, you are alive, energised and grounded. I am forever grateful for this work.
Katrece, New South Wales, Australia

I have been doing Qala’s work for many years. I always find her work profoundly enlightening and healing. She carries the presence of love in every moment. The EASE system is profoundly amazing.
Shachi, Byron Bay, Australia

Thank you Qala-my life has opened in so many beautiful ways since I have been participating in the EASE program.
Maggie, Darwin Australia

By availing myself to EASE, I receive divine dispensations for my whole self, my Earth’s work, and my purpose of being here. Through the ease and grace of the EASE program, my soul consciousness receives healing, assisting me to evolve into wholeness. Qala skilfully guides a large soul group with love and gentleness, opening, nourishing and fulfilling a soul’s deepest need with love.
ElTara, Byron Bay, Australia

When you search for truth and find it, all doors open to you. This has been confirmed for me with the EASE program - putting the puzzles together makes us free and alive to live.
Achemy, Maui, Hawaii