The EASE Emissaries

The group of Enlightened Masters and Healers that support The EASE Program are called the ‘EASE Emissaries’. They are a team of Enlightened spirits who are all masters of humanity’s energy system, consciousness and the physical body. Each Enlightened Master’s path is to serve all beings and to help with humanity’s ascension. Some of the names of these Enlightened Masters are Mother Mary, Saint Germaine, Buddha and Sananda (Christ). Teams of angels and Archangels also bring the gifts of EASE.

Some of the Enlightened Masters are master physicians who have been on the earth as doctors and surgeons for many lifetimes, and now have the ability to heal in the spirit world, in a way that medical science does not yet fully understand.

These Divine Beings bring many energetic blessings and dispensations to each participant of The EASE Program for your specific assistance. These blessings and dispensations continue for 30 days after each EASE module to bring you extra support, if you wish for this.

It is not important to know of them or believe in their existence, in order to receive EASE. Even those who do not believe, or have another form of belief, still receive if they are willing to listen to the recordings.