Who is this program for?

The EASE Program was created for both advanced spiritual initiates and people that have not done any personal healing or meditation before. All participants will experience a deep clearing of the layers of their energy body and an experience of divine energies.

The teachings throughout The EASE Program are new teachings about the human energy body and consciousness from the Enlightened Masters. They are relevant for anyone interested in healing, personal development or human ascension and will answer questions that most people have wondered about at one time or another.

The Divine Wisdom shared throughout the program does not in any way deny your truth, but merely expands it to activate a deeper level of knowing. Know it is not important what your belief or faith is, or whether you understand the energy system to receive the EASE work. Any being, of any level of experience can have an energy shift through this sacred work, simply because of the energy field and the energetic transmissions offered via the recordings. You can lie down and just listen to recordings and receive shifts in energy and consciousness, easily.

Even participants who question the existence of the Enlightened Masters and EASE emissaries are able to receive the energy and experience powerful shifts.