Your Energy Body

The EASE Program is based on the human energy body’s 12 dimensional bodies or levels of energy. Each dimensional body has a specific function and purpose and is intimately connected to a major aspect of our lives. As each module is completed, the 12 bodies and the chakras within them, evolve to their highest potential through receiving the 5 forms of essential energies.

The 12 energy bodies we work with are:

1. Soul
2. Genetic / Ancestral
3. Physical
4. Etheric
5. Emotional
6. Mental
7. Spiritual
8. Archangelic
9. Celestial
10. Christ Angelic
11. Christ Archangelic
12. Christ Master Body

Once all 12 bodies have been opened to receive the EASE energies through each module, ease in one’s life can be maintained through an open heart.

You will receive the understanding and the tools to be able to work with the EASE energies to change your own vibratory state powerfully. Much of this change occurs by simply receiving the program. This new vibratory state allows consciousness to be freed and life to be renewed as we naturally receive new connections in life. When our vibratory rate is higher we open to manifest new opportunities for ourselves of a positive nature, on all levels of our being.

A description of how the program works with each dimension of your energy body can be found here - Module Descriptions