Are you interested in becoming an EASE Facilitator?

You can receive all 7 or 12 modules of this program for FREE simply by forming and facilitating a group in your area. Also, once you have attended all 12 modules of the program, you become an Accredited Facilitator and can earn an income from facilitating further groups.

Important - before downloading this package, please read all the information on this page...
EASE Facilitator's Package - Overview NOW AVAILABLE.

How can I become an EASE facilitator?

We welcome and honour your desire to become a facilitator of The EASE Program. We invite you to register as a facilitator if you have already walked the path of self transformation for a period of years through opening your heart.

Potential Facilitators are required to have:

  • A knowing or belief in Divine Beings and the Enlightened Ones
  • Willingness and the ability to create a sacred space for participants in circle
  • An open heart and the ability to open one’s heart easily to others
  • Been walking the path as a spiritually awakened being for at least 2 years
  • Simple understanding that thoughts and feelings can transform with support, that love heals everything, in other words, know the transformation process
  • Respect, integrity, compassion, faith, trust, openness, loving kindness and willingness to serve – the qualities of the spiritual path
  • The ability to open your heart to a group of 5–10 people comfortably
  • A computer with broadband internet access to download the Facilitator’s package and communicate with participants and Alchimie de Lumière
  • A certain level of organisational ability to perform and complete the administrative tasks required for group facilitation.

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator please email a 500–600 word statement from your open heart to us about yourself, about why you have been guided to facilitate this program or why you have chosen the path of facilitator.

What are the responsibilities of an EASE facilitator?

This program requires a clear vibrational space and a clear loving facilitator to create the sacred space for the angels, archangels, enlightened masters and surgeons to work through. The responsibilities and roles of an EASE facilitator are clearly outlined in a package that is given to all registered facilitators of the EASE program.

Detailed instructions for facilitation are given, so all participants and the facilitator receive the highest potential experience. Each module is facilitated in a circle where all participants are equal, each respected, loved and honoured for who they are in every moment. It is the presence of love that is the core energy that supports the facilitation of the EASE program in the highest way. Each facilitator will be given the guidelines and steps for facilitating each module and will be required to conduct these group experiences following the principles and protocols as set by the founder of the program, Qala Sri’ama.

The facilitator’s package contains everything from advertising material, manifestation tools, protocols for group work in circle, opening and closing ceremonies and prayers, guidelines for generating the flow of positive loving energy, all audio and DVD presentations and Integration programs as well as a suggested timetable for each module.

All that is required for successful facilitation is addressed clearly in detail so every facilitator can be at ease and assist each being present in the group to receive the highest potential manifestation of their group experience. The facilitator will be asked to promote the EASE program in their local community using the advertising material supplied. It is a comprehensive package and all facilitators will be supported by divine teams, facilitator support staff and the Alchimie de Lumière administrative staff, as required.

What does an EASE Facilitator receive in exchange for facilitation?

Every EASE facilitator receives the EASE program at no cost in exchange for facilitation.
The additional benefits of becoming an EASE facilitator are greater than can be measured. The EASE program offers each prospective facilitator a doorway to serve humanity with the Family of Light and their own divine presence’s love.

If you have any further queries in relation to facilitation of the EASE program, please email us at

Blessings to you and for your life journey. May it be filled with divinity, grace and EASE.