The EASE Program

EASE allows you to experience a greater understanding of your own energy and empowers you to improve your life as the EASE energies fill your chakra system and energy body.

The EASE Program is a 7 or 12 month program of monthly new teachings, meditations, attunements, healing sessions and encodement journeys that have been created by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix and a team of Enlightened Healers. Each module was recorded in Sydney or Byron Bay live, in the presence of a large group of people who helped anchor the first EASE energies. It has since been edited and digitally re-mastered to enable the program to be offered to groups of people who come together to receive healing all over the globe through the high quality audio recordings.

The program runs on a monthly basis and contains either 7 or 12 two day modules.
Receiving the program involves registering to join a group near you or facilitating a group which will meet one weekend each month to receive each module of EASE.

EASE takes us on a journey of:

Awareness is brought up for us, of events or feelings often held in the subconscious that may have resulted in a suppression of energy in our energy body. New wisdom teachings guide us in this process to the truth of our own innocence.

Acceptance is found as the EASE energies bring us to a place where we effortlessly cease to resist the blockage and overcome any aspects of the mind where we do not fully accept ourselves. More self love is awakened and the experience of our feelings is deepened.

Clearing and Healing of our chakras, and each level of our energy body, is achieved through meditations, attunements, wisdom teachings and guided healings. Blockages are released without analysis and are supported by the Divine Energies that flood the room.

Transformation occurs as we open ourselves to receiving Divine Assistance from the Universe through our open heart and the love that is present within us. We witness our own shifts and changes in consciousness that integrate into all facets of our life over each different 30 day cycle of the program, with the assistance of the Enlightened Healers who support this program.

This highly developed program supports you to make a large frequency shift in your energy body by opening each energy body to Source. This assists you to rejuvenate on a cellular level, experience a deeper connection to your Divine Presence and activates the chakra pathways. This allows your divine consciousness and energy to flow through the 12 levels of your energy system.

The Healing Philosophy of EASE is that all of life is made from Five Essential Energies and that EASE is experienced when these five energies are balanced within the human energy field. Receiving the five essential energies that create EASE is a profound and easy way for your vibrational rate to raise, and for your energy body to be freed of limitations that you may or may not be aware of.

Although energy science is the basis of the EASE Program, it is not intellectually taught or studied through the EASE Program. Rather, it is experienced within one’s chakras and energy body as the EASE energies fill everyone’s energy systems and the room, for the purpose of creating EASE.